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Our local country music station had a contest for Father's Day. You had to write a poem with so many country songs included. This is what Mommy entered for my Daddy...
The day my "Baby Girl" was born my husband was so strong.
I knew he felt he had to be the strong one thinking "That's My Job" while at the same time he was thinking "Don't Take The Girl". When Olivia was born I watched her fragile body lying in her "Daddy's Hands" as he covered her beautiful face with "Butterfly Kisses". He tells me every day that it was "God's Will" for Olivia to walk "The Streets of Heaven". Olivia's Daddy planned the whole funeral because I was sick in the hospital. He had to stay strong while all he was thinking was "There Goes My Life". "What a Beautiful Day" our daughter came into our lives and "From This Moment" "She'll Leave Us With a Smile". We would love the chance to hold our little girl "One Last Time" and I know her Daddy would love to see "In His Daughter's Eyes". We'd love to be able to tell her "I Love You This Much". Daddy says "Don't Worry About a Thing", when we get to the streets of gold "We Know You'll Be There". "We Love You Without End, Amen".

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