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This web page is in honor of Olivia Margaret Sanford, daughter to Kevin and Michelle Sanford, who died June 17, 2004 and was born still June 20, 2004.  Although she was with us for such a brief time, she will be in our hearts forever.  Mommy and Daddy miss our daughter more than words could ever express.  There is not a moment that goes by that she is not on our mind.  It’s been a year already…’s so hard to believe.  When we lost Olivia I prayed for time to fly by so I could be with my daughter again, and it sure has.  How we long to hold her in our arms, sing to her, speak her beautiful name, wipe away her tears and hear her call us Mommy and Daddy.  Every day seems so empty without our little girl.  Mommy and Daddy try to find comfort in knowing she’s in Paradise playing in God’s Heavenly playground, but we can’t help but want her here with us.  As the days pass we think of all the milestones we are missing out on with Olivia.  By now she’d be running around getting into everything, playing with her cousins and making new friends, getting spoiled by her grandparents, getting her baby teeth, learning to say Mommy and Daddy, and we’d be smiling as we watch her grow into a little girl.  As the years go by we will always think of what Olivia would look like, who’s personality she would have inherited, what her voice would sound like, what kind of woman she would have grown up to be.


Throughout all the sadness, we continue to celebrate Olivia’s life.  We had a stone blessing ceremony shortly after it was placed and we recently celebrated her first birthday.  There were so many friends and family there and it meant so much to us.


Mommy has worked so hard to make it possible for parents in Connecticut to receive birth certificates for their stillborn babies and it has finally happened!  It was a long battle, but with the help of our local paper, putting our story in, and the help our local Senator, it is now possible.  It is only a regulation at the moment, but she won’t stop until it is a law.


Mommy also started a support group in the town of Norwich at our local hospital.  The hospital has been wonderful and has actually made our group a part of the hospital.  Our groups name is “Angel’s Remembered”.  We have so many ideas for planning events to remember our babies and to raise money for parents who can’t afford a proper burial for their child, and we’re so anxious to get started.


Mommy is also a volunteer for The Angel Teddy Bear Foundation.  She brings bears to hospitals for parents who will sadly experience the loss of their baby.  The bears will hopefully give the parents some comfort and give them something to hold on to as they make their journey home without their child.  The bears have Mommy’s name, number and email address so parents can contact her at any time and know that they are not alone.


Mommys dream is to adopt a baby girl and I anxiously awaiting the day for that to be possible.


We hope you enjoy visiting Olivia’s web page.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. 


Olivia’s Mommy 


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